Katie Smith

Paramedic & Supervisor
American Medical Response
Spokane, WA

Katie Smith has been a Paramedic at AMR for eight years and serves as a Supervisor, Field Training Officer, and part-time Fire Medic. However, last Thanksgiving her skills and management abilities were put to the test.

The day started out normally. Katie spent time with her family and delivered a holiday meal for on-duty team members. But then a multi-vehicle accident was called in. One of the vehicles was a bus filled with college students that had rolled over. Katie dropped everything to respond. During her hour-long drive to the remote scene, Katie coordinated responding units from several different jurisdictions. Under Katie’s incident command, enough resources were secured to transport 45 patients to local hospitals. Katie also helped coordinate a warm place for the walking wounded to shelter from the snow and receive care.  

As a trainer and mentor, Katie plays a huge role in molding the next generation of EMS professionals. Her expertise and dedication to her team, patients, and community are remarkable. 


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2019 | American Medical Response (AMR) | WA