Leslie Reindollar

AMR - Pueblo
Pueblo, CO

Leslie Reindollar is a paramedic with AMR in Pueblo, Colo. One of the calls she ran last year epitomizes her compassion for the care of others: A young child was seriously burned. The family was not immediately available to accompany the child and provide comfort. While Leslie treated the patient clinically, she also showed great compassion for the injured and scared child. As she continued medical care, she was also able to lie alongside the patient and provide the much-needed human touch for the child. Leslie radiates warmth, humility and kindness as she serves others and always expresses appreciation to others for their efforts. Leslie is the Clinical and Education Services Specialist for two operations, and she also serves her community as a paramedic and licensed practical nurse. She is a certified instructor for ACLS, PALS, ITLS and CPR. Leslie is also a member of AMR’s Disaster Response Team and has deployed several times, the most recent to help in Boulder County after the floods in September 2013.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | CO