Levi Wells

Paramedic & Field Training Officer
Shawnee, OK

Levi Wells has served REACT Ambulance Authority for more than three years. During this time, he has served as a Paramedic and a Field Training Officer. Levi has also established himself as a mentor for new Paramedics going through the REACT orientation process. In addition, Levi is involved in the Oklahoma State University-OKC Accredited Paramedic Program as an adjunct instructor, and he participates in the lab and as a clinical instructor. He is also serving as a proctor for NREMT skills testing at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City.

Levi’s coworkers describe him as a forward thinker, a great teacher to new employees and students, and someone who genuinely loves his job. As one peer says, “Levi enjoys investing in the development of new Paramedics to ensure the forward progress of their careers.” He is always looking for ways to reach higher and new ways to improve REACT, and sets an example of professionalism in EMS.

When not on the job, Levi enjoys soccer and traveling with his girlfriend, Alexus.

REACT Ambulance Authority is proud to call Levi Wells one of its 2019 Stars of Life.


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