Lilliana Ferguson

Cataldo Ambulance Service
Somerville, MA

In 2019, Lilliana Ferguson enrolled in an EMT course for academic credit and to gain patient contact hours. She began her mobile healthcare career at UMass EMS in college before relocating to the Boston area and joining Cataldo Ambulance Service.

Lilliana states that she initially joined the Cataldo team, “because of Cataldo’s good reputation in the Boston area” and the call volume and population diversity for patient contact hours. She adds, “I fell in love with EMS. Every day is different, and you never know what to expect. You get to meet a lot of people and be exposed to their lifestyles.”

Lilliana became a Paramedic in 2021 and has since become extremely adept at managing high-acuity patients. She is always prepared to confidently surmount any complications or barriers to ensure patients always receive exceptional care. Over the course of her EMS career, Lilliana has been a field training officer at both the BLS and ALS levels. Her experience, knowledge, and positive nature makes her a great role model for her peers.

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