Lisa Vogel

Education Instructor
Mayo Clinic Ambulance
Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic Ambulance is honored to be represented by Lisa Vogel, Education Instructor in Education and Training, as a 2022 Star of Life.

Lisa began her career at Mayo Clinic in 1988.

“Helping others has been my life’s work,” Lisa says. “The combination of continuous education, the use of the latest and greatest technology to improve care, and the commitment to ensure the needs of the patient come first, is what has always driven me. The compassion and dedication required to do the job right, and to be there when others are at their worst.”

Lisa consistently demonstrates the highest standards of the Mayo Clinic values—Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Healing, Teamwork, Innovation, Excellence, and Stewardship. In a Star of Life nomination form, a colleague wrote that Lisa “can be trusted with the most delicate information, whether it has to do with patient confidentiality, employment issues, or personal issues. She is someone you can openly discuss things with, and employees will often seek her out when they have had a stressful situation in their career or personal lives. She is always ready to listen, even when off-duty, and is a twenty-four-hour employee.”

In addition to her role at Mayo Clinic Ambulance, Lisa serves as Chief of Midway First Responders in Proctor, MN. She also works with the EMS Honor Flight program for veterans, and has coordinated an annual Thanksgiving Day meal at an arena in Duluth, MN for those in need, which has served many thousands of meals since 1991.

Whether Lisa is providing EMS education to colleagues, volunteering in nearby communities, leading a medical first responder unit, or directing the efforts of a meal for thousands, her one sole focus has always been helping people. To Lisa, “Making a difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding outcome there is.”

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