Lucas Spillman

Coffey County EMS
Burlington, KS

Luke Spillman began his EMS career in 2009. Soon after, he became EMT-I certified. Not satisfied with only being the driver on critical patient runs, Spillman enrolled in paramedic school as well as completing his EMT-I to AEMT transition course. In 2013, he started working at Coffey County EMS in Burlington, Kansas. “Luke’s attention to detail is what sets him apart,” said Coffey County EMS Director James Higgins. “He knows that the little things matter–like holding a patient’s hand while they are scared and making sure a patient is comfortable with something as simple as a pillow. Add this to his exceptional skills, and he is an all-around excellent paramedic.” Since he began working at Coffey County EMS, he has volunteered to teach quarterly CPR classes for Coffey County Hospital and EMS staff as well as to the general public. Furthermore, he recently completed his Kansas TO-I certification so he will be able to teach continuing education for EMS providers. “Luke handles himself very professionally. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of EMS and is willing to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done,” said Higgins. It is evident that Spillman is and has always been focused on becoming the best EMS provider he can be and helping his colleagues to do so as well. As he gains more experience, Spillman hopes to work part-time with a FLIGHT SERVICE within the next couple of years. “Behind my accomplishments and goals, is a true desire to help people,” Spillman said. “That’s what makes my efforts worthwhile to me.” Spillman married his wife, Erica, in June 2013. She is very supportive of his commitment to EMS. They reside in Emporia, Kan.”

2014 | KS