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Luke Jarrell

Luke Jarrell


Pafford EMS of Mississippi
Tunica, MS

Pafford Medical Services honors the legacy of Luke Jarrell, whose distinguished career in EMS spanned more than twenty years. This included a decade of dedicated service as a licensed Paramedic with Pafford. Luke’s journey into this profession commenced during his tenure as a firefighter, where his compassion and a profound desire to extend assistance to those in their most critical time of need led him into the realm of pre-hospital care.

Renowned for his benevolent spirit, Luke harbored an unwavering commitment and pursuit of excellence in patient care. His relentless study and review of medical materials ensured that his patients received the highest quality care possible.

As Luke’s hard-fought battle with cancer came to an end, his legacy is an enduring testament to his steadfast dedication and selfless service and the indelible mark that he left on his community. He touched countless lives and forged lasting friendships in his beloved home of Tunica, Mississippi.

Luke’s wife Debra shared,

“While I can’t tell you the exact emotions that Luke would feel with being selected as this year’s Star of Life for Pafford, I can tell you how I feel. I am extremely proud of him for his years of dedication and service to the community. Luke cared for the community and the people of Tunica. He changed the lives of some and made friends with many.
As his wife, I feel very honored that he was selected. My only wish is that he were here to receive it for himself and to be as proud as his family is.

As someone who is also in the EMS field, there are many rewarding parts, especially the family and friends that you make along the way. Your coworkers become a part of the life you have strived so hard to build. Ultimately, they become a permanent part of your family. What people fail to realize when coming into the EMS profession is that your family, both work and home, become your backbone and your support. That is where your success comes from in this field.

I would like to thank Pafford Medical Service and his work family, for everything that you have done for Luke during his time as an employee, and for everything that you have done for us, his home family, during this difficult time. Thank you for honoring him and his memory as a Paramedic and selecting him for this award.”