Marcy Dawson

Registered Nurse/Paramedic
North Dakota EMS Association
Bismarck, ND

Marcy Dawson is a registered nurse and a Paramedic, and she has worked in emergency nursing for most of her career.

She has worked at Jacobson Memorial Hospital in Elgin and at both Medcenter One (now Sanford Health) in Bismarck and St. Alexius Emergency Room, and she was a flight nurse when both hospitals shared a helicopter.

Marcy has a total of 16 years of flying experience. She managed Angel Air Care and was nurse manager for Minot Air Medical, which was part of Bismarck Air Medical. Marcy has also volunteered with Carson Ambulance, and she did critical care transport from the Elgin Hospital to Bismarck with New Leipzig/ Elgin ambulance.

Currently Marcy is a flight nurse with Sanford AirMed, Dickinson Base. She volunteers for both Hebron and New Salem, and she is an EMS instructor with Sanford EMS Education in Bismarck. She is certified in emergency nursing, flight nursing, and trauma nursing.

In 2017, Marcy was awarded EMS Provider of the Year by the NDEMSA.

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