Marisol Puerto

EMS Supervisor
Harris County Emergency Corps
Houston, TX

“I would recommend Marisol Puerto for this recognition.  Marisol and I were partners on Medic 98 (now M920) prior to my promotion, where I had the pleasure of witnessing, first hand, an individual that is dedicated to the EMS profession.  She has earned the respect, the admiration, and the trust of her colleagues within the HCEC family. Marisol is dedicated to continuing her education both professionally and academically. I have had the pleasure of interacting with numerous students through my background at Texas A&M University and with HCEC; I can truthfully say that over the course of those interactions, very few have impressed upon me as much as Marisol has.  She is a solid, bright, and intelligent person that has pushed herself to achieve her goals.”

“She serves so many roles for HCEC—Field Training Officer, In-Charge Paramedic, Bike Medic, Card Class Instructor, Interview Panel participant—which only a few others can lay claim to. Marisol represents HCEC Core Values extremely well and I feel she deserves to be recognized on a national level.”


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2018 | Harris County Emergency Corps | TX