Mark Adams

Wheelchair Technician
Community Care Ambulance
Ashtabula, Ohio

Mark Adams, Wheelchair Technician, has worked at Community Care Ambulance in Ashtabula, Ohio for two years. His coworkers are honoring Mark for his self- motivation, his helpfulness to colleagues, his ability to note areas for improvement,
and his enhancement of the workplace for everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Mark goes above and beyond every day for his patients and coworkers. He shows his dedication through helping clean units, spending extra time and attention with his patients, and assisting with PCR routing. No matter the situation, Mark is always polite and professional, and is the ideal representative of everything a Star of Life should be.

When not working, Mark spends his time with his family and chasing all things that swim in the water. Mark had a long career in hospitality until he made a life decision to change career paths to fulfill his passion for helping people.

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