Mark Dressel

Emergency Medical Technician
Hunter's Ambulance
Meriden, CT

Mark Dressel is a dedicated Emergency Medical Technician with Hunter’s Ambulance who has distinguished himself within the broader Hartford HealthCare EMS Network.

Known for his unparalleled commitment to EMS, Mark is consistently the first to volunteer for additional shifts and offer his assistance, embodying the very spirit of teamwork that is so essential in mobile healthcare.

Beyond his work ethic, what truly sets Mark apart is his exemplary bedside manner. Patients feel at ease under his care, a sentiment echoed by their families and affirmed by numerous commendations. Moreover, his colleagues hold him in high regard, a testament to the great rapport he has fostered within the team.

In recognizing Mark with the Star of Life Award, we honor not just his technical proficiency, but the warmth and camaraderie he brings to every interaction.

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