Mason Pereira

Paramedic & Field Training Officer
Shawnee, OK

Mason Pereira has worked for REACT EMS since January 2015. Shortly after joining REACT, Mason earned his Paramedic certification and has worked as a REACT Paramedic since that time. Mason also currently serves as a field training officer and relief supervisor at REACT. Mason has worked multiple schedules to meet the needs of his community. He is always ready to lend a hand to colleagues as they work together to surmount challenges and provide excellent care to patients.

Mason’s co-workers note that he “is very knowledgeable,” and is “a brilliant teacher”. Mason is also known as a very caring and compassionate Paramedic who is always willing to help anyone in need. When asked about his favorite part of EMS, Mason said, “I like to be the one that people call for help because I know what to do in an emergency.”

Mason is married to Jessica, and they are proud parents to three children. In his spare time, Mason enjoys spending time with his family and artwork, such as drawing. He also considers himself quite the movie buff.

It is with great pleasure that we present Mason Pereira as a 2023 REACT EMS Star of Life.

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