Matthew Hapner

Medic/Education Coordinator
Life EMS Ambulance
Grand Rapids, MI

Matt Hapner joined Life EMS in 2014, and is currently a Medic, Supervisor, and Education Coordinator (Medic Instruction).

Matt brings a strong drive and dedication to the Education Department every day. He has grown through the ranks at Life EMS, beginning as an EMT, then a Paramedic, and now a Supervisor. He has served the community with skill and compassion, and has earned the respect of his colleagues with his willingness to help each associate gain the knowledge they need to better themselves every day on the road.

As a result of his passion to help others, Matt transitioned to the Education Department and became the lead Paramedic educator. He has brought the same skill and compassion that he displayed in the field to the classroom, and goes above and beyond for every student. He will make time for anyone who has a question or who is struggling with learning, including coming in on his days off to help students prepare for tests. Matt is passionate about setting his students up for success with the skills and knowledge they need before starting their clinicals on the ambulance.

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