Matthew Kohl

American Medical Response
Evansville, IN

Matthew Kohl’s supervisors recognize him as an ultra-professional Paramedic who has rapidly risen through the ranks. In 2016, he was at the EMT level. He became AMR Evansville’s first-ever EMT-level Field Training Officer as that role had previously been reserved only for Paramedics. By 2020, he was graduating from Paramedic school, with a degree, in the middle of a pandemic, as the overall college Outstanding Graduate. Throughout his meteoric career, he has shown deft skill in trauma care, exemplified by his actions in January of this year.

Matthew responded to a scene where a nine-year-old child had been hit by a motor vehicle. The patient had multiple injuries and was in extreme pain. The scene time was only six minutes. Care during patient contact included spinal motion restriction, oxygen, IV access, and appropriate pediatric analgesia as well as patient monitoring. The time from dispatch to arrival at the Level II trauma center was 15 minutes.

Matthew’s patient care was lauded as “perfect” upon review by the trauma center, and the patient is recovering after multiple surgeries.

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