Mechele Cruz

Community Relations
Oklahoma Ambulance Association
Enid, OK

Mechele Cruz is a shining star of Muskogee County EMS. She has an attitude of “don’t-quit” rarely seen in any industry, much less, EMS. Mechele is known for her kind and caring attitude, not only with staff, but with medics and students as well. Occasionally in life, one is lucky enough to encounter a person who goes above and beyond as a normal course of their day and never thinks anything other than “it’s just business as usual.” We at Muskogee County EMS get to work with one such person every day and that person is Mechele. Mechele has been an AHA CPR and first-aid instructor for several years. She has been AHA Regional Faculty for Oklahoma for the last 4 years and is currently the Oklahoma region Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee Secretary. Her students routinely rave about her abilities and about how comfortable she makes them as they learn this life-saving skill. Many of her students relay how they were able to successfully use what she taught them to aid someone in need, and even to save a life. We may never know how many lives Mechele has impacted by this skill alone. Working several years on the ambulance, it is routine for her partners to see her going out of her way to help a patient. She has (and still does) bought groceries for elderly patients who couldn’t get to the store, cooked dinner to take to someone whose loved one was ill, bought school supplies and clothing for a needy child, or driven someone to a doctor’s appointment, all out of her own pocket and all of her own volition. At times, it seems unbelievable that one person could be that giving, but she is. Mechele gives of her time, her money, and her self, strictly out of a love for people and those in need. Besides being an incredibly skilled EMT-I, Mechele has worked for several years as a certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate to the callers who dial 911 and calms them in the face of crises. It is not uncommon for Mechele to call back later just to check on them and see if she can be of further help. Since Mechele started at MCEMS, she has always been very involved in our community events and public relations. She has been at more health fairs, EMS tours, blood pressure checks, and job fairs than could be counted, and has been instrumental in developing our “Sentimental Journey” program. Mechele is also a certified child passenger safety technician and has an additional specialized certification in child passenger safety technician for children with special health care needs. Because of her outgoing personality, her involvement with multiple aspects of patient care, and her willingness to seek out new opportunities to serve, Mechele was promoted in 2013 to the position of Community Relations Officer, and is now in charge of our public education and public relations programs. Even now, she never stops looking for ways to provide care to the citizens that rely on us. Because of this, the administration and her peers have recognized her as the MCEMS Support Staff of the Year for 2014. When described as having a “don’t quit” attitude, it’s because Mechele does all of these things (and more that we may not even be aware of because she doesn’t call attention to them), on top of bravely fighting through a rare kidney disease that required multiple trips to the Mayo Clinic and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. It was only in January of this year that she was declared to be in remission. Mechele and her husband, Sonny, have a blended family with three children: Tyler, Dalton, and Kala. She and Sonny are very excited to be expecting their first grandchild in September. Please accept this as our enthusiastic and unreserved nomination of Mechele Cruz for an OKAMA Star of Life for 2014. She is very deserving and will represent not only Muskogee County EMS, but also OKAMA, with honor and distinction.”

2014 | OK | Oklahoma Ambulance Association