Melinda Toy

American Medical Response
Topeka, KS

Melinda Toy demonstrates excellent clinical skills, but it’s outstanding “people care” that sets this Paramedic apart.

Mindy and her partner were recognized last year for saving the life of a cardiac arrest patient. Not only did Mindy perform critical medical interventions, but she kept the patient’s husband fully informed of what was happening and comforted him until his family could get to the hospital. Mindy provided the same mix of deep compassion and excellent care to another patient who wanted to talk about his recently deceased wife. Mindy held the man’s hand and listened intently to his story; his heart stopped at the hospital, but Mindy was successful in helping resuscitate him.

Mindy provides a safety net for her neighbors who have special needs and has volunteered to ring bells for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

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2017 | American Medical Response (AMR) | KS