Melissa Hudson

AMR - Oklahoma
Tulsa, OK

Melissa Hudson’s career with EMSA dates back to June 1992. She started as an EMT-Basic, and was quickly promoted to a preceptor before moving into EMSA’s 911 communications center. Melissa has achieved Emergency Medical Dispatch and EMD-Quality certification. Over the years, she has helped train scores of new dispatchers and has talked thousands of callers through CPR, emergency childbirth, basic trauma management and other life-saving interventions. Recently, Melissa was honored by the Tulsa City Council for her role in rescuing a newborn baby born prematurely at home. When not saving others, much of Melissa’s time and energy is devoted to her own personal battle with ovarian cancer. Melissa continues to work a full-time schedule while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | OK