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Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson


Medic Ambulance Service Inc.
Vallejo, CA

Born and raised in Vacaville, CA, Michael Robinson now proudly calls Dixon, CA home, where he lives with his loving wife, two wonderful daughters, and two loyal dogs.

Michael’s journey with Medic Ambulance Service began in 2012, when he took on the role of Wheelchair/Gurney Van Technician. Demonstrating dedication and skill, Michael’s progression within the company was swift; he progressed to an EMT role shortly after and achieved the rank of Paramedic by 2017.

Outside the demanding realm of emergency medical services, Michael cherishes quality time with his family. He is passionate about outdoor adventures, including camping and fishing, and has a spirited enthusiasm for playing hockey.

Throughout his tenure at Medic Ambulance, Michael’s exceptional capabilities have seen him deployed on numerous strike teams as a pivotal member of the Emergency Response Team. Moreover, in his role as a Field Training Officer, Michael has played a crucial role in shaping the future of emergency services in Solano County. He has mentored and trained a plethora of new EMTs and guided budding Paramedics during their rigorous field internships as a Preceptor. In addition to these significant responsibilities, Michael also serves as a shop steward for the union.

Michael takes immense pride in serving the residents of his hometown in Solano County. It is with immense gratitude and admiration that we honor him as Medic Ambulance’s Solano Division Paramedic of the Year and bestow upon him the prestigious Star of Life award. Congratulations, Michael!