Monte Mathews

Paramedics Plus
Sioux Falls, SD

Monte has had a big impact on both his community and the patients he serves as well as his fellow EMS professionals during his 14-year career as a Paramedic. He has served communities in both Iowa and South Dakota as a Paramedic and firefighter, finally working for Sioux Falls.

As a veteran Paramedic, Monte put his experience and knowledge to good use by shaping the lives and careers of future EMS professionals through his adjunct work for The School of EMS, his management of continuing education, the time he spent as a field training officer, and his encouragement and skill as an instructor for certification courses.

His leadership has been crucial in his work as an operations supervisor. Monte recently worked on the team tapped to oversee implementation of a new and complex computer-aided dispatch system. He was responsible for making sure the mobile terminals used by crews for patient reports worked well and efficiently.

Monte is a trusted and integral member of the Paramedics Plus family. Both our community and our service have benefited hugely from Monte’s exceptional dedication to them. We are honored to nominate him as a Star of Life.

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