Nicholas Long

Paramedic, FTO
AMR - Dallas
Farmers Beach, TX

AMR Paramedic Nick Long does it all and does it beautifully. Trained as both a field caregiver and as a call-taker/dispatcher, he is quick to fill empty shifts in either duty area or to come in for long distance patient transfers. Nick is an ACLS instructor, a critical incident stress debriefer and is the commander of his operation’s honor guard. As a member of AMR’s national disaster response team, Nick has been deployed for three hurricanes, including two weeks for Superstorm Sandy. In addition, Nick finds time to volunteer as a preceptor in a local college EMS training program and he contributed substantially to training 300 folks in Wichita Falls during AMR’s 2013 World CPR Challenge. Wait, there’s more! Nick is one of Wichita Falls’ court-appointed child advocates. In that role, he works with other child advocates to safeguard abused and neglected children. He helps attorneys assemble and present their cases for children assigned to him. He recently headed the planning and fundraising committee for the advocate group’s annual 5K benefit race. Nick and his wife are also active with a familyfocused children’s theater. He is an actor, director and set builder. In nominating Nick, his general manager said, “Nick is an excellent role model for those already in EMS and those who wish to join our profession.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | TX