Nick Heasley

Field Training Officer
Charlotte, NC

Nick embodies the ideals of advocacy, respect, compassion, and integrity. He is an exceptional clinician, educator, mentor, and colleague, and an exemplary leader.

We’re constantly impressed by how he consistently and courageously meets challenges, overcomes obstacles, and pursues excellence in all areas of his life.

Nick shows compassion and kindness for every patient. His calm, open-minded approach never falters, and because of this, he’s always able to establish a rapport with not only the patient but those around him. Nick’s presence and demeanor alone create an atmosphere of confidence and unity that allows the job to be done in a professional manner and with the best outcome.

One of the most striking things about Nick’s attitude as a provider is the amount of patience with which he tackles every obstacle, whether it’s a noncompliant patient or a new hire’s lack of driving skills. He puts Medic’s mission into action every day by preparing providers to save a life, hold a hand, and be ready to respond in our community where and when our patients need us.

At home, he is a full-time husband and father to three young girls, and he supports his wife as she manages an animal hospital. Nick recently learned blacksmithing and established an eco-responsible food system, planting crops and breeding rabbits to provide sustaining food for his family and his community.

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