Nicole Kueter

Director of Operations
PatientCare EMS
Sioux Falls, SD

Nicole began her career in EMS in 2012 in rural South Dakota. As a volunteer EMT, Nicole served within a small community of only 800 people. During her first years in EMS, Nicole found a passion for serving her community in their time of need. Nicole also shared her passion for EMS by training EMS providers and new EMTs. She helped coordinate multi-agency training opportunities and served as Captain of the ambulance service for 3 years.

Nicole’s EMT experience played a pivotal role in her mission trip to Haiti in 2017. On the eve of COVID-19 in 2020, Nicole made the career change from full-time ministry to full-time EMS. Entering the full-time workforce grew Nicole’s desire to do more within the field and she attended paramedic school through the School of EMS- Sioux Falls, SD. Completing the program in June 2021, Nicole spent 6-months working in hospital-based EMS before returning to PatientCare EMS in December 2021.

In September 2022, Nicole received a promotion to Clinical Manager and moved into the Director of Operations position in May 2023. Nicole continues to enjoy serving her community through the various avenues allowed by a career in EMS and hopes to inspire the next generation of providers to chase their passion for caring for others as well!

PatientCare EMS is proud to nominate Nicole Kueter as a 2023 American Ambulance Association Star of Life. Nicole has served within the EMS field for more than ten years and exemplifies the best qualities of an EMS professional. Since joining PatientCare EMS is 2021, Nicole has served as part of the leadership team at many different levels. In her time with PatientCare EMS, she has served as a Paramedic, a Clinical Manager, and currently serves as the Director of Operations.

Prior to making the decision to transition to a full-time career in EMS, Nicole served as a youth minister and as the captain of a rural ambulance service in South Dakota. Nicole shared her passion for EMS by training young Paramedics and EMTs. She helped coordinate multi-agency training opportunities within her rural community. On the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole made the decision to transition to mobile healthcare full-time so that she could further assist her community.

Although Nicole has distinguished herself as described above there are other traits that make her deserving of recognition. Her compassionate care for patients, her support of the employees she is charged with leading, her ability to influence young EMS professionals, her ability to promote a positive engaged culture within the industry, and her calm confidence serve as models to her colleagues. She exemplifies what it means to be a public servant.

As a profession, we serve in an environment that is ever-changing and constantly evolving. This has never been truer as we continue to navigate out of a worldwide pandemic. We seek out and recognize individuals who maintain a focus on providing quality compassionate care while leading others to do the same. Nicole is the embodiment of this. She continues to broaden her knowledge and scope within the industry.

We are truly excited that she is a rising star within our organization. Nicole is a shining example of who first responders are, and it is our honor to recognize her as a 2023 American Ambulance Association Star of Life.

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