Noelle Gross

Paramedic Supervisor/Instructor
Bell Ambulance, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Noelle Gross will often joke around about the fact that she is short, but she is proof that big things come in small packages and can make a HUGE impact!

Noelle came to Bell Ambulance as an EMT in the fall of 2016. She earned her Paramedic license in 2017, obtained her Critical Care certification through UMBC in 2018, was promoted to Field Training Officer in 2019, and then to Paramedic Supervisor in 2020.

Noelle continues to perform in her role as a Critical Care Paramedic doing ground transfers. She also works in the 911 system in Southeast Wisconsin and has completed the requirements to be a Secondary Dispatcher in the ACE Dispatch Center. She has taken on an additional role as an AHA BLS/ACLS/PALS Instructor, frequently teaching and helping her coworkers with their renewals. Noelle also helps to train new Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics and is involved with the Education and Training Department. As a Supervisor, she has proven herself to be a dependable and “go-to” person for employees to talk with about calls, any issues they may have, and any problems they may face.

As a result of her constant commitment to her job, her patients, and her colleagues, Noelle was voted by her peers to be Bell Ambulance’s 2020 Employee of the Year.

Noelle and her boyfriend live in West Allis, Wisconsin with their two dogs, Copper and Lady.


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