Pat Tracy

EMT with Maddock Ambulance
North Dakota EMS Association
Bismarck, ND

Patrick joined the EMS community in 1993 with an Advanced First Aid certification. Due to a traumatic event, he took a step away from EMS. In 2009 he became an EMT and has forged ahead in his EMS career and is currently the squad leader for the Maddock Ambulance. Presently he is an EVOC instructor, CPR instructor and is taking the leadership academy courses offered through the North Dakota EMS Association. Pat has been a northeast director for the North Dakota EMS Association for the past year and is a committee chair as well as a member of the advocacy committee. He has provided testimony in Bismarck on behalf of EMS and is very active in the legislative process. Pat received the 2013 EMS Provider of the Year and according to the service that nominated him; “He is a natural leader for EMS in North Dakota and they are proud to nominate him for the provider of the year.”

2014 | ND | North Dakota EMS Association