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Preston Crotwell

Preston Crotwell


American Medical Response
Jackson, MS

Preston Crotwell is being honored for his leadership and service at a mass shooting incident that happened last April at the Mississippi Mudbug Festival. Preston and his partner were at the weekend event, serving as standby EMS, when gunshots rang out at the fairgrounds. Preston, a former Marine Corps rifleman, quickly took charge, collaborating with law enforcement while tending to the injured. One person was killed and at least six more were shot that day.

Preston, who served as the lead for managing the mass casualty incident, collaborated with his partner in performing all the roles of EMS command. They ensured swift and effective patient triage and treatment and led some mobile EMS interventions as well.

A well-spoken EMS professional who is highly adaptable, especially in stressful situations, Preston is a dedicated first responder who puts others first. He is an inspiration to his teammates and leaders.