Quentin Nation

EMT Field Training Officer
Bell Ambulance
Milwaukee, WI

Since joining Bell Ambulance in 2021, Quentin Nation has time and again demonstrated his leadership and commitment to the field. He played a vital role in an innovative collaboration with the Milwaukee Fire Department, helping staff ambulances at firehouses. This dedication to caring for Milwaukee residents earned him the honor of being chosen as the 2021 Employee of the Year by his peers.

Quentin’s expertise was put into practice when he successfully delivered several babies, further affirming his capability and passion. Rising to the role of EMT Field Training Officer, he now ensures that the next generation of EMS providers receive top-tier training.

Quentin’s work is deeply personal. He proudly carries forward the legacy of his mother, who served as a Bell Ambulance EMT two decades ago. Quentin’s unwavering commitment to service and mobile healthcare makes him a standout Star of Life.

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