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Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis

Emergency Medical Technician

Falck Mobile Health Corp
Orange County, CA

Rebecca “Becca” Ellis, a dedicated EMT at Falck Mobile Health, exhibited extraordinary valor and expertise during a critical incident at a jiu-jitsu studio. Upon being dispatched to a Code 3 for a cardiac arrest and realizing they were mere moments away, Becca and her partner Austin arrived on scene in less than a minute. Racing to the second floor, Becca found the patient suspended upside-down, with alarmed peers shouting about his lack of breath. Swiftly assessing the situation, she had the patient set down and confirmed he was pulseless and not breathing. Without hesitation, Becca initiated life-saving chest compressions while Austin prepared the AED and BVM. Their rapid actions and precise protocols, which included a successful shock delivery after initially receiving a “no shock advised” signal from the AED, led to the patient regaining consciousness and breathing autonomously.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, the patient was not only stable but engaged in heartfelt conversations, expressing deep gratitude for Becca and Austin’s outstanding efforts. Their quick thinking and resolute actions had transformed a potentially tragic situation into a story of hope and recovery.

At just 19 years old and with only seven months of experience as an EMT, Becca’s passion for her profession is evident. Outside of her life-saving role, she is a fervent advocate for mental and physical health, a talented artist, and an outdoor enthusiast. Furthermore, she is dedicated to her education, always eager to expand her knowledge in EMS. With aspirations of potentially joining the fire service and a clear devotion to her loved ones, Becca’s off-shift moments are spent cherishing her family, friends, and relaxation.

The Star of Life award is a testament to Becca Ellis’s remarkable skills, determination, and the bright future that surely lies ahead for her in EMS.