Rebecca Zamagni-Mander

Operations Supervisor Communications
Mecklenburg EMS Agency
Charlotte, NC

Rebecca Zamagni-Mander began her career in June of 2005 and has excelled professionally as a Telecommunicator, a Controller, a Communications Training Officer (CTO), an Assistant Communications Supervisor, and now as a Communications Operations Supervisor.

Rebecca has handled the scheduling of candidates for critical testing, scheduling of and facilitation of panel interviews, scoring of new candidates, decision making for conditional offers of employment, and the conducting of reference checks of candidates for hire. She also successfully completed the PSAP Managers Course offered by the NC 911 Board, as well as her ED-QI (Emergency Dispatch-Quality Improvement) in order to learn more about how to develop CMED employees.

Another of Rebecca’s strengths includes her ability to ensure employee success. She has an open and transparent dialogue, which the CMED employees all appreciate. They also admire her ability to listen to them, whether about professional or personal matters. She seeks to understand and gives trusted advice. Rebecca always manages to foster positive discussions and to bring out the best in all employees.

Rebecca is wholeheartedly dedicated to this community and the citizens we serve. She is truly a patient advocate and is very proud of the work Medic does every day.

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