Rhonda Dees-Lockwood

Emergency Medical Technician
Acadian Ambulance Service
Lafayette, LA

When it comes to involvement and teamwork, Acadian Ambulance Texas EMT Rhonda Dees-Lockwood, shines daily. Rhonda joined Acadian in 2011 during the Northstar acquisition, and has since been an anchor on one of the region’s dedicated 911 trucks, functioning at the EMT-Intermediate level.

Rhonda is actively involved in Acadian’s Critical Support Intervention Team, and is a Safety Committee member. Rhonda is a preceptor and a station monitor, and participates in community events while representing our organization.

Rhonda’s life outside of work demonstrates similar threads of service to others. Rhonda is actively involved in the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

It is this dedication to serving her community, coupled with her commitment to serving her patients, that make Rhonda a clear choice for our 2017 Acadian Ambulance Texas EMT of the Year.

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