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Riley Wolfe

Riley Wolfe


American Medical Response
Redlands, CA

A critical thinker who knows how to act fast, Riley Wolfe’s intuition and EMS skills saved multiple lives while on a late-night shift when he and his crew came upon a traffic collision on the freeway.

The crash involved a driver who was trapped and unconscious in a car that was on fire and rapidly spreading. Riley, his student, and his partner quickly made entry to the vehicle. Fortunately, the crew and patient were able to escape harm as the car exploded. The crew then triaged the other passengers in the vehicles and simultaneously treated their patient, who they rapidly moved away from the blaze and into the back of the ambulance.

Riley remained calm and directed the additional resources to the other vehicles involved and told them the best place to stage to ensure everyone’s safety. Once additional AMR resources arrived, Riley and his team transported their patient to the local trauma center before any other public safety resources arrived on scene. Thanks to Riley’s dedication and skill, the patient ultimately survived.