Rosemary Mitts

Chatham Emergency Services
Savannah, GA

Rosemary Mitts, a Savannah native, was raised around the world as a child in a military family. She was imbued with a strong work ethic and learned the importance of dedicating her life to a purpose. Her grandfather was a strong influence in her decision to choose healthcare as a profession as he was a medic in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Rosemary’s mother, a 911 dispatcher in a nearby county, taught her many lessons in life to make her a strong and independent woman. In fact, she worked three jobs while putting herself through EMT school at night! Sadly, her mother, Maria, died suddenly shortly after Rosemary graduated from EMT school. However, Maria remains an inspiration and role model.

Rosemary began her career at Chatham Emergency Services as an EMT. Eager to learn and striving to provide the absolute most she could to her patients and community, she soon began Paramedic school. Rosemary earned her medic license but wasn’t done yet. She next wanted to expand her contributions to include teaching others to be EMS providers. She quickly progressed through the ranks of preceptor, instructor, field training officer, and now Lieutenant. Rosemary has been successful in mentoring many EMT recruits and new EMTs who later became outstanding Paramedics themselves. She has also earned several instructor certifications and teaches basic life support to members of the community while proudly representing Chatham Emergency Services.

Rosemary is eager to learn, continues to strive for improvements within the organization, and goes the extra mile to ensure the best possible care for the community.

From a personal perspective, as the oldest of three children including an autistic brother, Rosemary was born to care for others and be responsible and reliable, while helping her single mother raise her brother and sister. Rosemary is the mother of two amazing sons, Peter and Liam. In her off time, in between studying for her critical care certification, Rosemary is raising her sons to be strong, caring, adventure-seeking, and fun-loving young men.

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