Ryan Davis

Field Supervisor
Life EMS Ambulance
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Ryan Davis has been a Life EMS associate since April 2007, and has held various operations roles from Paramedic to Field Supervisor. Ryan is an exceptional role model for his associates and has a passion for field training equaled only by his drive for continual improvement. His work has produced a variety of success stories at Life EMS and he consistently seeks to raise the bar in education. Ryan is a critical deliverer and developer of training in the field training tracker platform.

Beyond his role in associate training, Ryan is active in coordinating clinical third riders among KVCC, WMED, and KCC. Even with his additional responsibilities, Ryan still finds a way to carve out time to coach associates in their day-to-day work life, to serve as a Kalamazoo County Medical Examiner Investigator, and to complete his bachelor’s degree at Western Michigan University. Ryan is one to count on in times of crisis—always calm, level- headed, and hard-working yet approachable.

Ryan holds his critical care certification and is been a key link in the chain of success at Life EMS.

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