Sean Fuller

Paramedic & Field Training Officer
American Medical Response
Clackamas, OR

Demonstrating that EMS, at times, requires more than medical skill to save lives, Sean Fuller is being honored for his actions when dispatched to a suicide attempt. Fuller’s supervisors highlighted the humanity that Sean brought to a situation that is often tense and difficult for patients and first responders alike.

By coincidence, Sean recognized the emotionally fragile patient’s home as formerly belonging to the family of one of his childhood friends. While providing medical treatment, he helped the patient stabilize with stories of the times he had spent there, which had proved to be a blessing in Sean’s life. By the end of the transport, the patient was not only calm, but was laughing along with Sean, when mere minutes before the patient had been holding a suicide note and threatening to harm themselves.

Upon arrival at the hospital, staff determined that restraints were no longer needed. They were then able to provide continued care in a de-escalated environment, which was better for everyone.

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