Sean Stringham

Paramedic Team Leader
Emergent Health Partners
Ann Arbor, MI

Sean Stringham has served with Monroe Community Ambulance since 2014. Sean began his career at MCA as an EMT. After obtaining his Paramedic license, Sean quickly worked his way up the ranks to a Senior Paramedic, and has also completed the training and certifications to work as a Community Paramedic and a Critical Care Paramedic. Sean’s most recent promotion was to MCA Team Leader, in which he serves as a role model, educator, and mentor to his coworkers. Sean has earned a tremendous amount of respect from his coworkers for his excellent patient care, selfless nature, and willingness to spend time helping his coworkers develop their skills.

Sean has been instrumental in identifying and developing needed programs at MCA, including the Critical Care Paramedicine and the Internal Quality Review programs. Most notably, Sean spearheaded the Quality Review program in a desire to help his coworkers grow their skills as EMS providers. He has spent a tremendous amount of his personal time reviewing calls with MCA employees and has incorporated local emergency medicine residents into this review process. His efforts have led to a successful program that allows EMTs and Paramedics to better understand and implement treatments, policies, and protocols.

Sean’s passion for EMS and his dedication to the success of his coworkers is a continual benefit to MCA and the community.

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