Sharrie Barnes

Pre-Billing Supervisor
Tulsa, OK

Patient Business Services Prebilling Supervisor Sharrie Barnes was nominated by EMSA Verifier Lori Yanez. Sharrie has worked at EMSA since 2014. “I enjoy working with my team to overcome obstacles and improve processes to make our department more effective. EMSA has always made me feel appreciated,” says Sharrie.

“At the beginning of 2022, our ENTIRE management team left our department, abruptly, with no warning. It was pretty scary but Sharrie stepped up and took control and kept us all encouraged throughout the process. We fell behind, as some of our team members left us as well, but Sharrie advocated for our department to get the help we needed, and as of today we are back on track for our department’s goals of executing the billing cycle. I am so proud of her and thankful for leadership throughout this process,” Yanez said in her nomination.

Sharrie’s Supervisor, Sonia Coleman, EMSA Director of Revenue Cycle Management, said that Sharrie is always an advocate for patients and works tirelessly to make sure they are taken care of after their transport to the hospital. When not working at EMSA, Sharrie enjoys spending time with her family.

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