Sheila Norton

Field Operations Supervisor
Puckett EMS
Austell, GA

Sheila Norton has been with Puckett EMS, part of the Priority Ambulance family of companies, for 14 years. Sheila’s interest in EMS started early. She described how she was an “ambulance chaser” when she was young. Her family and friends thought she was just nosey, but deep inside, Sheila wanted to help. She would run after the ambulance in her neighborhood to see how she could help.

Sheila had a promising career in general merchandising, but that all changed in 2007 when her mother had a stroke. Sheila said the compassion and kindness the EMS crew showed her mother was amazing. She wanted to return that level of commitment and stewardship to other people, starting Sheila on her EMS journey. Sheila attended a rigorous in-house EMT-I program at Puckett EMS and excelled. Her career followed the same trajectory as Sheila rose to the position of Operations Supervisor today.

Sheila’s desire to help others is contagious. She consistently exemplifies genuine compassion and care for her patients and families. Sheila is a role model and “mother” figure to the younger EMTs and Paramedics who come through Puckett EMS. Her gentle yet stern way of leading resonates throughout the company’s culture.

Sheila has received numerous honors, including EMT of the Year and Paramedic of the Year, and she has been honored with several Phoenix Awards presented for exceptional trauma care delivery. Sheila’s patients are also quick to call her out on her compassionate care, noting that Sheila made them feel “like family.”

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