Svenja Wahle

Emergent Health Partners
Ann Arbor, MI

Svenja Wahle has served with Huron Valley Ambulance since 2016. During her years at HVA, Svenja has worked her way up from an EMT to a Senior Paramedic. Svenja is known for always having a positive attitude and for continually thinking about ways to encourage growth in those around her. She is very creative and she enjoys teaching newly licensed personnel, regularly helping trainees to prepare for EMS clearance interviews.

In addition to her work as a Paramedic, Svenja has spent some time working in HVA’s 911 Communications Center. She is currently an HVA Field Training Officer and recently developed a comprehensive training program for new EMTs. Svenja also serves on internal committees for operational improvements, and is the Chair of the EHP Supply Group. Her positive outlook and dedication to training new employees have strengthened HVA and bolstered its ability to provide quality care to the communities.

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