Terezia Nutt

Emergency Medical Technician
American Ambulance
Meriden, CT

American Ambulance, a proud entity of the Hartford HealthCare EMS Network, is honored to highlight the exceptional contributions of EMT Terezia “Tess” Nutt for the Stars of Life Awards. Tess began her journey with us in 2019, when she earned her EMT certification, and she has consistently showcased an unwavering commitment to excellence and growth. This fall, Tess furthered her dedication to the field by adding an EMS Instructor certification to her repertoire.

Beyond her certifications, what truly sets Tess apart is her profound impact as both an emergency dispatcher and an EMT. On a daily basis, she navigates the complexities and stressors of these roles with immense dignity, showcasing a commendable blend of professionalism, empathy, and resilience. Tess’s interactions with her patients are rooted in genuine care and respect, a trait that echoes in her relationships with colleagues as well. Her communication is always precise, thoughtful, and right on point, serving as an exemplar for both new and seasoned team members.

In every role Tess undertakes—EMT, dispatcher, or instructor—she exemplifies a true EMS professional. American Ambulance is proud to honor her dedication, skill, and expertise.

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