Tiffany Allen

EMT & Billing Supervisor
Shawnee, OK

Tiffany joined REACT EMS in January 2015, when she came to work in the Billing office. Since that time, Tiffany has attended EMT school and earned her EMT license. Tiffany has continued her education and is a Certified Ambulance Coder, Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer, Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer, and Certified Documentation Specialist. Tiffany currently serves as the Billing Supervisor and oversees all aspects of the revenue cycle management for REACT EMS’s 13,000-14,000 calls per year.

Along with her billing responsibilities, Tiffany makes use of her EMT certification by filling in on trucks when the service is short, or the call volume is high. She also steps up to cover special events and most recently responded to assist REACT EMS after a tornado struck Shawnee. She valiantly left her own family to care for the citizens of our community.

Tiffany is very well-liked among our employees and has a reputation for being very dependable and goal-oriented. REACT EMS runs more smoothly and efficiently thanks to her efforts.

Tiffany is married to her beloved husband, Rantz. She has two children and four stepchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family and cruising the Caribbean.

REACT is honored to recognize Tiffany Allen as a 2023 Star of Life.

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