Travis Waswick, MD

Medical Director
West Traill Ambulance Service
Mayville, ND

Dr. Travis Waswick was instrumental in the development of a first-class EMS system in North Dakota’s Traill and Steele counties. His passion for EMS is truly inspiring.

Dr. Waswick began his EMS career with West Traill Ambulance Service as an EMT in 2009 while studying at the University of North Dakota. He continued working for our ambulance service while attending medical school, and has since become our Medical Director. Even after achieving his credentials as a physician, he maintains his NREMT certification.

Dr. Waswick’s commitment to EMS excellence is extraordinary. He makes time to participate in all ambulance meetings and board meetings. He helped develop a new hire onboarding program, and is actively involved in the training of crew members. He makes himself available 24/7 for any questions or concerns our employees may have. Dr. Waswick also created an enhanced QI/QA process to improve patient outcomes in rural North Dakota.

West Traill Ambulance Service is proud and honored to have Dr. Waswick as Medical Director, and he is very deserving of this special award.

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