Zachary Dayton

Firefighter Engineer & Emergency Medical Technician
Rural Metro Fire
Mesa, AZ

Zach Dayton provided immediate medical intervention for a woman and her newborn baby who was born in a car at a parking lot. His resuscitation efforts and quick thinking ultimately saved the baby’s life.

On an afternoon in late April 2022, when Zach was walking his gurney out to the ambulance bay in Mesa, Zach noticed a frantic woman pounding on the glass doors of the ambulance entrance to Banner Gateway Emergency Department.

When he approached the woman, she led him to another woman in a nearby parking lot who was giving birth in a car. Zach immediately cared for the young mother and performed CPR on the newborn before rushing to the staff at the hospital, informing them of the mother and baby’s condition.

As a result, the mother and baby received the medical care they needed and were released a short time later, both in healthy condition, thanks primarily to Zach’s quick action.

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