Aaron Myers

Shift Officer/Field Training Officer
Woodburn Ambulance
Hillsboro, OR

Aaron Myers has worked at Woodburn Ambulance Service as a Paramedic since 2016. Aaron has, in a short period of time, established himself as a leader, not only at Woodburn Ambulance but in EMS as a whole.

Aaron is an excellent Paramedic and a perfectionist when it comes to patient care. He has shared his wisdom with Paramedic students, and has trained most of Woodburn’s current staff in the Field Training Program when they were first hired. Although he is thought of by new employees as a tough evaluator, Aaron has raised the bar in patient care and many of his peers continue to aspire to reach his level. As a result, Aaron received Woodburn Ambulance’s 2021 Paramedic of Year Award.

In his short time as a Paramedic and as an employee of Woodburn Ambulance, Aaron has been awarded the position of Shift Officer. Management recognized that, through his own actions and without an official position, Aaron’s peers were already following his lead and often sought out his advice on medical protocols and on company policy. In essence, the employees placed Aaron in a leadership position well before management gave him the title.

In addition to his roles as Shift Officer and Field Training Officer, Aaron has also taken on the job of Chair of the Regional Protocol Committee. His passion for the field of EMS is beyond compare, and he frequently researches new treatment modalities to ensure that the region continues to advance in the field of EMS.

What is possibly most remarkable about Aaron is that he is extremely humble and unassuming. He leads by example and never expects his subordinates to perform any task that he would be unwilling to do, nor perform at a level that he could not attain himself. Because of his leadership success, he has been a trusted advisor to management and a trusted leader for all employees.

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