Andrew Pawlowski

Sunstar Paramedics
Largo, FL

Andrew Pawlowski, who most people call “Pow Pow,” is mostly known for his ability to make friends quickly. He has a fun, caring, driven, and outgoing personality.

Andrew began his career at Sunstar Paramedics twelve years ago as an EMT. He quickly became a strong team member with both the CCT program and the ACH Critical Care Transport teams, and also achieved FTO status. He was named EMT FTO of the Year, with many other accomplishments. For the last two years, Andrew has worked as a Paramedic, and continually strives for high-quality compassionate care for his community. Andrew says, “I’m surrounded by good friends and family and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Andrew was selected as a Star of Life because of his dedication and commitment to the craft, as well as for his unwavering caring and supportive attitude that fosters the culture at Sunstar Paramedics. He is the prime example for the next generation of new hires and a model for our mission, vision, and values.

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