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Jack Asbury

Jack Asbury III is the recipient of countless awards and recognitions for the many lives of cardiac arrest patients that he has saved, as well as for his superb patient care.

Jack’s kind and respectful demeanor ensures that he is well-liked by his co-workers, leaders, and members of his local Florida community.

Through his nonprofit, Masked Miracles, Jack visits and encourages ill, bullied, and hospice-bound children.

On one occasion, Jack traveled to Connecticut and partnered with one of AMR’s operations there, meeting with a child who had experienced a terrible situation that made the news. This was just another example of Jack’s commitment to caring for some of our nation’s youngest patients even after his formal EMS work is complete.

Jack is a shining example of a dedicated EMS professional who cares greatly about his patients and community.

Maria Villasenor

Born in Toluca, Mexico, Maria Fernanda Villasenor Jimenez migrated to the United States in 1999 at the age of four. She has primarily resided in the Clearwater, FL area, with a brief stint in North Carolina. Although Spanish was her first language, Maria mastered English through her education in American schools and by using American rock music as an additional tool for language development.

After high school, Maria earned a Medical Assistant Certificate. She then dedicated six years to a local dermatologist’s office, where she rose to the position of clinical supervisor. Yearning for more direct patient interaction and desiring a change from the office environment, Maria enrolled in EMT school at Pinellas Technical College. She subsequently joined Sunstar Paramedics, gaining hands-on patient care experience in one of the country’s busiest EMS systems.

Maria is a potent clinician, a dedicated employee, and a loving mother to her 5-year-old son, Reagan. Her fluency in both English and Spanish is an invaluable asset in the EMS field. Her unwavering commitment to upholding the core mission, vision, and values of Sunstar in delivering compassionate care has established her as a cherished employee and community asset.

Always eager to learn and progress professionally, Maria recently graduated from the School of EMS’s Paramedic program, all while working full-time night shifts at Sunstar. She is now preparing for her National Registry Paramedic Certification, aiming to become a Paramedic with Sunstar.

Outside of her demanding professional life, Maria, as a single mom, dedicates most of her free time to raising Reagan. She holds permanent residency in the United States and is set to commence her naturalization process for U.S. citizenship by year’s end.

The leadership team at Sunstar is extremely proud of Maria’s accomplishments and excited about what the future holds both professionally and personally as she works to become a Paramedic and US Citizen.

James Dalrymple

In the dynamic and demanding world of emergency medical services, James Dalrymple stands out not just as a leader but as a beacon of dedication, humor, and rapport. As the Fleet Supervisor at Sunstar Paramedics, he’s become synonymous with reliability, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

Every vehicle under James’s charge operates at peak performance, ensuring that when a patient’s life hangs in the balance, Sunstar Paramedics can respond without a hitch. His attention to detail means these vehicles don’t just meet the standards – they often exceed them. Moreover, his mindfulness towards the environment ensures the fleet’s operations align with broader sustainability goals, reflecting care for the community that goes beyond immediate medical needs.

But James isn’t just about the mechanics of fleet supervision. His prior service in the military has endowed him with a unique blend of discipline and teamwork, qualities he brings to Sunstar every day. It’s his camaraderie with the field crews, forged from genuine understanding and mutual respect, that truly sets him apart. His approachability, punctuated by a refreshing sense of humor, has become a cornerstone of the positive and supportive work environment at Sunstar.

In a high-pressure field, where every decision can have life-altering implications, having a leader who can inject levity, understand challenges from the ground up, and prioritize safety is invaluable. James’s ability to foster strong relationships, enhance communication, and create a workplace where laughter is as prevalent as dedication speaks volumes of his leadership style.

As we recognize James Dalrymple for his outstanding contributions, we celebrate a man who seamlessly blends the rigors of fleet management with the heart of a team player. His service, both in the military and at Sunstar Paramedics, is a testament to a life dedicated to excellence, community, and genuine human connection.

Andrew Pawlowski

Andrew Pawlowski, who most people call “Pow Pow,” is mostly known for his ability to make friends quickly. He has a fun, caring, driven, and outgoing personality.

Andrew began his career at Sunstar Paramedics twelve years ago as an EMT. He quickly became a strong team member with both the CCT program and the ACH Critical Care Transport teams, and also achieved FTO status. He was named EMT FTO of the Year, with many other accomplishments. For the last two years, Andrew has worked as a Paramedic, and continually strives for high-quality compassionate care for his community. Andrew says, “I’m surrounded by good friends and family and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Andrew was selected as a Star of Life because of his dedication and commitment to the craft, as well as for his unwavering caring and supportive attitude that fosters the culture at Sunstar Paramedics. He is the prime example for the next generation of new hires and a model for our mission, vision, and values.

Misty McBride

Misty began serving her community in 1996 as a volunteer Firefighter in the Hudson Valley area of New York. She became an EMT in 2000 and obtained her Paramedic certification in 2003. In 2010, Misty moved to Florida and began working for Sunstar Paramedics. Since then, she has obtained a bachelor’s degree in emergency management and has served her community as a Paramedic, Communications Center Supervisor, and most recently as the Communication Training Coordinator for Sunstar.

Misty was chosen for her accomplishments within the communications center. Since she was selected for the position, Misty has developed an innovative training program for the dispatchers that has raised the bar with its level of quality and professionalism. She has also led the center through several ACE re-accreditation cycles, and was the chosen leader through many EOC hurricane activations.

Outside of work, Misty, her husband, and their three-year-old son enjoy cooking, barbequing, and spending quality time with friends and family. They plan to soon drive to visit family across the country.

David Grabowski

Sunstar Paramedics is proud to honor David Grabowski as a Star of Life. David has served as a Paramedic for more than 9 years and embodies the best qualities of a mobile healthcare professional. Since joining Sunstar, David has excelled at furthering his skills and knowledge to best serve his community.

David is a member of the Pinellas County Tactical EMS team, which supports the Pinellas County Sheriff’s SWAT operations and participates in serving high-risk warrants and providing VIP escorts in addition to incident response. He has become a highly-qualified member of this team and achieved the prestigious Tactical Paramedic certification from the International Board of Specialty Certifications.

David is also a member of the CAMTS-Accredited Sunstar Critical Care Transport Team, and holds the rank of Critical Care Paramedic. As a member of this team, David cares for and transports high-acuity patients who require high levels of monitoring and intervention to and from definitive care centers. David is also recognized as a certified Flight Paramedic through the International Board of Specialty Certifications.

Although David has distinguished himself in many ways, there is one trait that cannot be certified that truly makes David deserving of recognition. He is always compassionate with his patients and supportive of his colleagues. The calm, confident, yet humble way David conducts himself is an excellent example of public service and what it is to be a member of the EMS community.

On a particularly exceptional call, David was partnered with a recently hired Paramedic, and the two clinicians were first on scene to a critical overdose. David remained calm, cool, and collected managing the patient’s care while setting the tone for the newer crew member. The patient’s outcome was a positive one, and this can be attributed at least in part to the skill, compassion, and expertise that David possesses.

As an industry we look for individuals that will perform in the ever-changing environment in which we find ourselves. It can give us hope to see people like David who are resilient to high-acuity complaints, such as opiate overdose, striving to further their knowledge in responding to dangerous and dynamic scenes with the Tactical Paramedic program. David is truly a shining example of what a First Responder should be. It is Sunstar Paramedics’ honor to recognize him as a 2019 Star of Life.

Jacquelynn Martin

Jacquelynn Martin is a highly-skilled Emergency Medical and Fire Service Telecommunicator with decades of experience. She loves her work and shows great compassion for colleagues and callers.

As a Supervisor overseeing all training and quality assurance and improvement activities in her communications center, Jacki impacts virtually every medical and fire call into Sumter County’s 911 system. Jacki ensures that all new members of her team receive comprehensive but individualized instruction.

Jacki’s kindness is as legendary as her training proficiency. When she learned that a new team member could not provide Christmas presents for her children, Jacki quietly collected money, shopped for gifts, and ensured that they were delivered. When a high school student observing in the communications center said she could not afford a prom dress, Jacki and her colleagues rallied to provide a dress and cover other costs for the young lady’s prom.


Paul Allen

Paul Allen has worked for Sunstar Paramedics since May 2008. Paul began working in the communications center, and became Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified in 2012 and then a Communications Training Officer (CTO) in 2016.

As a CTO, Paul trains new hires in channel operations, emergency call taking, and medical radio control operations. Paul is also actively involved in EMD-Q, the process by which emergency and non-emergency calls are reviewed and graded to ensure protocols are followed, the right determinants are reached, and ultimately the right response was sent.

In October 2018, the Sunstar Communications Training Coordinator resigned, and Paul was among several candidates who applied to fill the position. The position was given to someone else, but that person was unable to begin work until January 2019. In the interim, Paul was asked to fill in until the new person could begin and he agreed.

Although he knew the position would only be temporary, Paul did not take his job lightly. Paul used his knowledge of EMD protocols and the Florida Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) program to develop a new PST training program for Sunstar’s communications center personnel. Paul created PowerPoint presentations for each section of the program and helped communications center staff prepare for the PST exam by giving them review sheets and monitoring their progress through the training program.

Paul also began to revamp the communications center’s training program. Paul created an electronic system for training officers to log candidate progress for training staff to keep up with each candidate’s work. Prior to this system, it was hard for a training officer to know how far along a candidate was in the program and the candidates often lost a day of training if their primary trainer was out. In conjunction with the new Training Coordinator, Paul also began to redesign the exit testing for when a candidate finishes training. Paul developed several scenario-based tests that are now used along with the traditional 50 question exam to assess the candidate.

Although he could have very easily done the minimum amount of work necessary to get by while he filled as Training Coordinator, Paul chose to be proactive and to devote his time to developing training programs that will help new hires and serve as continuing education for current staff. All of Paul’s hard work helps to make the communications center better overall. Paul’s dedication to the office in his short time filling in for the Communications Training Coordinator embodies the meaning of teamwork and shows his dedication to both his job and the field of Emergency Medical Dispatch.

Sandro Gordillo

Sandro Gordillo started at National Health Transport in 2015 as a Dispatcher. During his tenure at NHT, Sandro has excelled through the ranks, earning his EMT license in 2018. He has also served as an Elite Dispatcher and Senior EMT, and is currently the lead QA Officer in the Quality Assurance Department. Sandro is very highly regarded by his peers.

In December 2018, while on an overnight shift in Miami-Dade County, Sandro and his partner, Randy White, were first to respond to an impaired driver incapacitated in a ditch. Without hesitation, Sandro and Randy pulled over to assist the driver who was trapped in the vehicle and appeared to be unconscious from a major head injury. After prying the car doors open without any extrication tools, they began to assess the patient and determined that immediate help was needed.

They acted quickly and summoned for the help of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, which arrived on the scene, extricated the driver with the Jaws of Life and airlifted the patient to the trauma center. Without the life-saving actions of Sandro and Randy, the driver would have remained on the road all night without help.

Randy White

Randy White began as a Dispatcher with National Health Transport in 2016. Randy has since achieved his long-term goal of becoming a Paramedic, then again added to his accomplishments by becoming a senior Specialty Care Transport Paramedic. He is known by his peers to be a quiet, motivated individual who is always willing to help and to share his experiences with new Paramedics. 

In December 2018, while on an overnight shift in Miami-Dade County, Randy and his partner, Sandro Gordillo, were first to respond to an impaired driver incapacitated in a ditch. Without hesitation, Randy and Sandro pulled over to assist the driver, who was trapped in the vehicle and appeared to be unconscious from a major head injury. After prying the car doors open without any extrication tools, they began to assess the patient and determined that immediate help was needed.

They acted quickly and summoned for the help of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, which arrived on the scene, extricated the driver with the Jaws of Life, and airlifted the patient to the trauma center. Without the life-saving actions of Randy and Sandro, the driver would have remained on the road all night without help.

Beth Rodgers

A pioneer in the Northeast Florida healthcare and EMS communities, Beth Rodgers demonstrates impeccable commitment to providing exceptional critical care and clinical services to her patients. Beth also happily shares this expertise with her students.

In 34 years of dedicated service with Century Ambulance, Beth has risen through the ranks, holding positions such as EMT, Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, dispatcher, biller, and dialysis concierge. For more than 10 years, Beth has worked as Training Supervisor for a growing staff of 450 personnel across North and South Florida. Over the years, Beth has been instrumental in developing protocols and best practices through groundbreaking partnerships with organizations like Jacksonville Sports Medicine, where she helped design specialty training for impact and sports-related injuries. Beth currently sits as president of Jacksonville’s Emergency Medical Auxiliary (JEMA) volunteer program, of which she is a founding member and where she leads volunteer training.

In her free time, Beth is lead instructor for the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care courses. Beth is also an avid world traveler, boasting a passport stamped in 62 countries. In 2019, Beth plans to explore Switzerland, Egypt, Alaska, her home state of Indiana, and Texas, where she will enjoy time with her two grandchildren.

As one of the area’s first female Paramedics, Beth has overcome many obstacles to build her legacy of passionate leadership and unparalleled medical care. Century Ambulance Service is honored to call Beth Rodgers a colleague and 2019 Star of Life.

Jay Horne

Jay has been an exemplory member of the Sunstar team since November 2012. Jay works as a full time EMT and is part of our mental health transport (MHT) team. Jay is very well rounded as he also volunteers with the Port Richey Fire Department and has a literary background as an author and publisher of multiple books, with his most recent published novel “Tower Hearts”. Jay received his EMT training at Washington ?xadHolmes Technical Center and is from Pegram, Tennessee. Jay quickly made a lasting impression and memorable impact just 5 months in his first EMS job at Sunstar. As a newly cleared EMT on the night of April 10, 2013, Jay and his partner responded to a critical call involving a 2 year old girl who’s legs were amputated by a riding lawn mower at her home in Palm Harbor, Florida. Litte did the crew know that their second-to-none care and teamwork provided that evening would save Ireland Nugent’s life and make long standing local and national headlines. The call was exceptionally emotional and highly stressful, but very well handled by Jay in being given much support, debriefings, and follow-up including a reunion by Jay and his partner with Ireland and her parents. Tragically, three months after Ireland’s call Jay would lose his partner in an off-duty motorcycle accident. Less than one year after this call and loss of his partner, Jay takes pride in seeing Ireland thrive in overcoming her challenges as a double amputee. Nothing appears to stop Ireland as she is currently three years old, mastering prosthetics and learning ballet. Ireland’s call that April evening would be a tragic situation with an unsuspecting positive outlook and for Jay, in a similar fashion with his career at Sunstar, a parallel in overcoming new and challenging situations and flourishing.”

James Bryant

Jimmy started in EMS in 2005 and has worked as a firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic. He joined EMS in hopes to make a difference in people’s lives after his best friend died in a motor vehicle crash and EMS was too far away to help save him at the time. Jimmy joined Sunstar in 2009 and has held the position of EMT, Paramedic, Special Events Team, All Children’s Transport Team, Preceptor, F.T.O. and Assistant Supervisor. Jimmy has a passion for helping and teaching other co-workers at Sunstar and instructing others. When asked for specific incidents he recalls where he has made the biggest difference in someone’s life, he replies “I have had many critical calls and some that aren’t. Some that required the best of skill and others were just holding someone’s hand during transport, both equal in significance. I can remember a MVC that a man hit a pole and was able to tell me he was ok then went into cardiac arrest; a mother handing me an infant not breathing; gunshot wounds/ heart attacks/strokes/asthma all needing treatment and a smile.” Jimmy is also a leader in the community volunteering for numerous foundations, and ready to make a positive impact in the future of EMS as an instructor. Jimmy has volunteered for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. On his days off, he spends his time giving back to the community through his work at the Shriner’s Hospital, Disabled Pediatric Dentistry, Masonic Cardiac Medical Research Foundation, and the MDA. Jimmy also is an instructor for Fortis Institute teaching EMT and Paramedic Courses.”

William Adams

It was with great pleasure that Nature Coast EMS of Citrus County, Florida, nominated William Leigh Adams as our “Star.” William began his career with Nature Coast EMS five years ago. In the beginning he served Nature Coast EMS as a volunteer where he immediately impressed all those who worked with him. William continued to mature in his knowledge and skill becoming more diversified in his abilities to assist in various departments of our organization. While still working as a volunteer, William demonstrated the utmost dedication, caring and professionalism as a seasoned team member working in the field for years. After three years, William attended EMT school and obtained his EMT certification. At the first available opening,William was hired as a full time employee where has continued to excel as a dedicated and engaged team member. William always places Nature Coast EMS and the citizens we serve, in the forefront. He is a dedicated team member and offers support to other team members when needed. William continues to help with our volunteer program assisting with special events and supporting the EMT training division. The Nature Coast EMS mission is “Serving with Excellence & Compassion.” Our vision is that “Nature Coast EMS will be the national leader in patient centered care and health services.” William Leigh Adams exudes all this and more.”

Caroline Cooper

Caroline Cooper became a member of the Nature Coast EMS team in 2014 as an Ambulance Accounts Specialist. She completed the EMT program in 2017, and she is currently enrolled in the Paramedic program with an expected graduation date of December 2018.

Caroline is outstanding in every aspect of EMS. Her dedication, compassion, and empathy are shown with each and every one of her patients and team members. She is a great mentor to new EMTs, and is in EMS for all the right reasons. Caroline was selected by her colleagues as a Star of Life as she is always positive and courteous, and gives 110%. 

Nature Coast EMS is proud of Caroline’s achievements and honored to have her as a member of our team!

Damian Gonzales

Damian’s ability to influence, innovate, engage, develop, and lead the crews who have direct patient contact makes a tremendous difference in the lives of those patients and the community that Sunstar serves.

As a clinical services coordinator, Damian’s areas of responsibility include managing our field training officer (FTO) program, clinical data analysis, and clinical education for the new EMTs and Paramedics working with Sunstar.

When Damian was promoted from a field clinician to a coordinator, he immediately became interested in data-driven improvement. While he excels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures for maximum efficiency, he also understands that appropriate change comes from meaningful reflection. Damian has been able to quantify, communicate, and elevate the quality of our patient satisfaction and engagement, clinical measures such as scene times, and many other crew-centered measures.

A primary example of Damian’s leadership that’s had immediate impact on the EMS culture is the FTO report card. This is a report of clinician-centered data and feedback that is specific to each FTO, preceptor, assistant supervisor, and mentor within the program. The information is sent back to the crews, helping to show them a clearer path for improvement and a higher quality of care.

The personalized feedback includes their safety measures on driving, clinical documentation scores, QI/operational standings, accolades, and patient engagement scores. This data-centered feedback allows the crews to see where they rank among their peers and gives them a more direct personal connection to Sunstar and its mission in the community.

The FTO report card is just one of the many initiatives that Damian has brought to the forefront. His data-analysis system supports the company’s crews and helps us strive for the everyday excellence at the core of our mission.


Joshua Daly

Josh Daly rose quickly through the ranks at Sunstar, and he has taken advantage of every opportunity the organization has offered to enhance his medical and professional practice.

His impressive professional development has been matched by his ability to influence and lead others. Josh’s achievements include being a FTO, a CME instructor, a Safety Officer, and Sunstar Paramedic’s 2017 FTO of the Year.

Josh’s leadership presence is visible every day. He comes to every class, field shift, and meeting as if it’s an interview for his next leadership role. He is an extraordinary role model to senior professionals as well as an inspiration to EMTs and Paramedics beginning their careers.

Josh shines a light through his quality of care, leadership, mentorship, and dedication to the advancement of the EMS profession.

For these reasons and more, we would like to support and celebrate Josh’s achievements as a Star of Life.


Hugo Badillo

Paramedic Hugo Badillo has been a member of the American Medical Response team for five years. Hugo earned his EMT certification in 2011 and completed his Paramedic studies last year. Hugo’s positive attitude and uplifting spirit inspire those around them.

Hugo is known for having a strong work ethic and can-do attitude, regardless of whether he is on or off the clock. Last December, Hugo was dropping a family member off at home when he heard a woman screaming. Hugo was off-duty but investigated anyway – and found an unresponsive toddler in the woman’s arms. Hugo assessed the situation, performed back blows and chest thrusts, and then began CPR on the pulse-less child. After approximately two minutes, the child began to breathe on his own and regained consciousness.

Graham Losse

Throughout his 11 year career with Nature Coast EMS, Graham has consistently gone above and beyond to demonstrate dedication and commitment to his organization, fellow team members, and patients. Graham can always be counted on to represent Nature Coast EMS at many public events each year such as the annual Christmas parade, and he helps organizes the annual Nature Coast EMS Trunk or Treat which provides a safe place for the people of Citrus County to bring their families to for Halloween. Every October, Graham helps raise money for cancer awareness by selling t-shirts for team members to wear.

Additionally, Graham has received many accolades from his patients for his compassionate care and willingness to share his personal time giving back. In fact, the readers of the Citrus County Chronicle obviously agree as Graham was recognized as their 2016 Healthcare Hero. The “Healthcare Hero” is an award designated for individuals who truly make a difference in the health of the Citrus County Community.

Graham is a consummate professional who continues to be an engaged and active team member. Graham has flourished into a patient centered, compassionate paramedic, who is dedicated to serving his community. Nature Coast Emergency Medical Services is fortunate to have Graham as part of our family.

Lesyan Borges

Lesyan and Liosdan Diaz are partners from AMR’s Miami Operations and have similar backgrounds. Both immigrated at a young age with relatives to the United States from Cuba. Their strong family values, along with a close knit childhood, have contributed to their success in EMS and in their abilities to help others in their times of need.

While on duty, these crew members discovered a horrific motor vehicle accident on the interstate. A stranded motorist, who had been trying to repair a stalled vehicle, was struck by a passing car and sustained life-threatening injuries. The crew immediately took charge and quickly responded. After radioing in a trauma alert, they rendered both BLS and ALS care, and provided treatment to the patient which has been credited as saving his life. Unknown to the crew at the time of the incident, the patient was an AMR co-worker who was on his way home from work.

Because of the partners’ quick thinking and their strong clinical abilities, they saved the life of a colleague.