Anthony Ratto

AMR - Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

One day, while off duty, Anthony was driving on the freeway when he noticed traffic backed up. He looked around and noticed that a pickup truck was up on the 60 degree embankment. When Anthony reached the pickup he found a man on the floor boards.The man had no pulse and was apneic. Anthony and bystanders were able to pull the man out and away from the pickup and begin CPR. When the fire department and responding AMR ambulance showed up, Anthony continued to assist with CPR and resuscitation of the man. Thanks to Anthony’s actions, the man is alive and recovering. Anthony’s determination to become a paramedic is evident in the personal trials he dealt with during paramedic school and internship. Anthony’s mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer and his father was diagnosed with Stage III COPD. He was able to juggle paramedic school, work and taking care of both his parents. Unfortunately, while Anthony was going through his internship to be a paramedic at AMR-Las Vegas, his father passed away. Anthony persevered through all his tragedies and accomplished his dream of being a paramedic.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | NV