Brooke Holoubek

Flight Nurse
REACH Air Medical Services
Napa, CA

Brooke Holoubek is being recognized for her diligence and strong work ethic, which she demonstrates daily, regardless of the challenging circumstances she may face. Since the time she joined REACH, Brooke has been a dedicated EMS professional who is constantly seeking ways to polish and improve her service as an advanced neonatal provider at her base. It is not uncommon to see Brooke respond to paged-out neonatal transport requests or requests that were held past the end of her scheduled shift.

Her enthusiasm for her work is also evident in her service to local rural areas, where she provides critical clinical expertise to community hospitals when called upon for neonatal and pediatric transports. Brooke’s humble leadership, willingness to serve, and dedication to and love for her work are just a few of the qualities that make her an exemplary model of excellence.


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