Callie Callais

EMT - Basic
Acadian Ambulance Service
New Orleans, LA

Callie Callais majored in geophysics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, but during her college tenure, decided a desk job was not for her. She found her calling in Gretna, LA, where she enrolled in the National EMS Academy and graduated in the fall of 2011 as an EMTBasic. She is currently Acadian’s 2014 Louisiana EMT-Basic of the Year. Callie works in Acadian Ambulance’s Orleans operations, and often assists with large-scale New Orleans events such as the Jazz & Heritage Festival and Voodoo Music Experience.When she isn’t working, she enjoys Mardi Gras, camping, hiking, and concerts. She is still quite fascinated by rocks, and enjoys traveling and bringing back different minerals for her collection.”

2014 | Acadian Ambulance Service | LA