Christopher Fouch

Life EMS Ambulance
Grand Rapids, MI

Chris Fouch joined Life EMS in 2009 and is currently a Paramedic and full-time Field Training Instructor in the Kalamazoo, MI operation.

Throughout his time at Life EMS, Chris has demonstrated an incredible resiliency and a willingness to lead by example. He has recognized that leadership alone cannot set the culture and tone within an organization, and has stepped up to assist by acting as a positive role model for new associates. As a result, Chris has taken on additional responsibilities over the past year, including the formal orientation of new hires. He has been invaluable in orienting EMTs to the NICU and PICU ambulances, as recent transitions in policy allow for EMTs to complete these mission critical transports. Chris has been cited by the local medical control authority (KCMCA) as “the field trainer who is ‘doing it right,’” ensuring that training is complete, all medical control course work is completed, and trainees are set up for success.

Chris displays a contagious spirit of positivity and it is authentic in every way. He enjoys participating in shift builds for schedules and continually seeks any way in which he can better both himself and Life EMS as a whole. Through the active participation of associates such as Chris, the future of Life EMS is bright.

Life EMS is honored to nominate Chris as a 2022 Star of Life for his work ethic, tenacity, grit, positivity, and organizational involvement.

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