Craig Boydell

Emergency Medical Technician & Firefighter
Rural Metro Fire Department
Vail, AZ

A dedicated firefighter/EMT, Craig Boydell is an indispensable member of Pima County Fire Operation’s Critical Incident Stress Management team. Craig willingly responds at a moment’s notice to help his peers, along with providers from neighboring fire protection and EMS agencies, after significant, traumatic events. He has provided much-needed support at numerous local, state, and regional incidents, including the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Craig has a strong focus on both physical fitness and mental fitness. He is a certified fitness instructor and fire academy physical training instructor. Craig is also an active member of his department’s Health & Wellness and Safety Committees.

Craig is a natural leader and is dedicated to helping the next generation succeed, including the high school students to whom he provides introductory training on careers in the fire service. Craig has served Pima County for the past 16 years.


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