Cynthia Jefferson

Revenue Cycle Supervisor
Mecklenburg EMS Agency
Charlotte, NC

For the last decade, Cynthia Jefferson has arrived to work every morning with a smile on her face. Her friendly demeanor helps set the tone of the Patient Financial Services Department (PFS) for the rest of the day. As the Revenue Cycle Supervisor, Cynthia is responsible for overseeing 14 very different personalities. During an average day, Cynthia visits with each of her employees to help ensure that her team has what it needs to succeed and always takes a few minutes to make sure all is right in their world.

As the PFS Supervisor, Cynthia’s duties include timecards, vacations, evaluations, and anything else that pops up. To make sure that field staff is aware of their excellent patient customer service, Cynthia will quickly email crews when praise comes in from patients. When an unhappy patient calls the Billing Department, she listens to their complaints and handles each one with the utmost professionalism and care. Cynthia does all of this without compromising her staff’s or department’s credibility. These are just a few of her many qualities that her staff praise her for and appreciate.

Cynthia is compassionate to both her staff and all of Mecklenburg EMS Agency’s patients. Since its conception, Cynthia has been a foundational rock for the PFS. Her staff can always count on her to do the right thing. According to one of her employees, “She is an example of what every Medic employee or supervisor should be. There is no challenge that she would not rise to meet if asked to.” Mecklenburg EMS Agency is proud to recognize Cynthia Jefferson as a 2019 Star of Life.

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